Friday, 25 March 2011

Lightship Literary Competitions

Lightship Publishing are a new publishing house who will publish literary fiction and poetry. To help fund their lists and discover new voices, they will run annual international writing contests: the Lightship International Short Story Prize, the Lightship International Poetry Prize, the Lightship International Flash Fiction Prize, and First Chapter.

This is their inaugural year and they are absolutely thrilled to have writers, agents and editors of the highest calibre, Toby Litt, Kachi A. Ozumba, Jackie Kay, Tibor Fischer, Simon Trewin and Alessandro Gallenzi, as respective judges in the 2010-2011 competitions.

Experienced readers will assist the named judges in selecting the shortlists.

Prizes: The winners of the Lightship International Short Story Prize and the Lightship International Poetry Prize will be awarded £1,000 each. The winner of the Lightship International Flash Fiction Prize will be awarded £500.

Lightship Publishing will be publishing a paperback anthology of the winning entries, in partnership with Alma Books. The winner and nine runners-up in each competition - Short Story, Poetry, and Flash Fiction - will be published. Lightship Publishing will stage an awards ceremony for the winners and runners-up in Kingston-upon-Hull in October 2011.

More info here

Deadline for all will be 30th June 2011.


Peter Goulding said...

Coincidental choice of image you chose to accompany this piece!
This is the Lightship Albatross that I wrote about on Wednesday on my Irish Lighthouses blog. Sitting in Pigeon House Harbour for ten years, on Wednesday I went down to photo it, only to find it had sailed to London last Sunday!
(Sorry, you can take the man out of the anorak...)

Titus said...

And I was just stopping by to say how much I like Hull.

Peter has an Irish Lighthouses blog...?

Emerging Writer said...

You have an Irish Lighthouses bloG?

Emerging Writer said...

Hull? Is that a lightship pun?

Titus said...

Sadly, no.
I don't have an Irish Lighthouses blog.