Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tips on Memorising poems

I am not good at memorising things. I forget lemons and toilet paper when I go to the shops. I forget my pin number. I forget what I forget. So I'm not good at memorising poems. But I try. Sometimes I send myself to sleep at night trying to remember my lines. (It would help if they rhymed)

I do think that that handful of paper that inevitably, in my case anyway, falls or gets mixed up. And then there's that barrier thing between you and the audience. Sometimes for reasons of fear, sometimes paranoia, sometimes it's just a teddy bear.

So I'm taking note of some simple tricks here.
- use mental images. Good idea.

And here some tips on developing your 'performance' (Yes, I know sometimes that can be considered a dirty word)
- Breathe (always good)

Give it a go.

Thanks to Sarah Griff for pointing me here.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Have you any tips on forgetting poems?

Emerging Writer said...

Well, in my case.
1. Go to sleep.
2. Wake Up.
3. Gone.

Sarah Maria Griff said...

Nice one Kate! I'm still shockingly bad at memorising poetry, it's heartbreaking :(