Thursday, 24 March 2011

Waterstone's 11

Although Waterstones is closing down all over, they have an innovative idea here to promote debut novels. They showcase a chapter of 'carefully chosen' (for this read those that the publishes paid for) so you can have a read before deciding whether to buy. I think it's a great idea.

See here from Follow the Thread book blog

One of them is Kevin Barry, he of There Are Little Kingdoms, a brilliant short story collection. He has a mainstream, alternate world novel called City Of Bohane coming out next month I think. I have acquired a review copy to read so I'm reading it ahead of the posse. (Dunno about the hat, though Kevin.)

And what's more, they're not all white, they're not all men and they're not all young. Diversity rules.


Vanessa Gebbie said...

I don't think (but am happy to be corrected) that anyone paid anything in this instance... I believe Waterstones selected the Waterstones 11, themselves, with no financial inducements.

trouble is, their policy of requiring publishers to pay for some promotional spacey skews the perception here. Its a shame they have to do that at all.

Emerging Writer said...

You're right. I'm skewed by their other 'chosen by us' promotions. I wonder what the truth is.

Anonymous said...

KB's hat makes him look very literary indeed. ;) Are you enjoying the book?

Emerging Writer said...

Literary wouldn't be the first word that comes into my head when looking at his hat.

Kevin is a brilliant writer, a wonderful way with words but he's trying to be the Irish Irvine Welsh and he doesn't have the gripping plot or rounded characters. Was disappointed mildly.