Tuesday, 7 June 2011

From The Messy Middle to The End

If you are, as I am, in the messy middle of a novel, check out this course.

When: this coming Sunday 12th June

Where: Glasthule

A one-day writing course from Writing Train
Course Fee: €100

Once the initial enthusiasm of beginning has worn off (and believe me, it will wear off!) the middle of your novel can be the most difficult place to be. As characters emerge, themes develop and your writing voice becomes more distinct, you find yourself pulled in many different directions.

This one day masterclass aims to give you a set of tools and strategies to help you move beyond this tricky stage and get your novel out of your head and down onto the page. Through a series of practical exercises, workshopping and lively discussion, by the end of the day we hope you’ll feel inspired and motivated and that you’ve had some fun along the way as well!

(Course numbers limited to 8 participants).

Tutors: Yvonnes Cassidy and Cullen

Participants are asked to submit up to 2,500 words of their novel in progress in advance of the masterclass to yvonne@yvonnecassidy.com and yvonnesworkshops@gmail.com In addition to personalised feedback, your work will be workshopped with the group throughout the day.

Submitting in advance will ensure you get the most in-depth and individual feedback from us but don’t worry if you don’t get a chance. If you are bringing work on the day that we haven’t seen, please can you bring some extra copies (6 should do it) to ensure that everyone has a chance to input properly on your work.


120 Socks said...

You are so right, middle bit is the hardest part, building beginnings and fulfilling endings deffo best bits! Good luck, and keep going, the last words there being the most important.
By the way, I think your twitter link might be wrong, some facebook link came up on it instead of directing to blog post.

Emerging Writer said...

I'm slogging my way through the middle. It's like a doughy cake. But it will be delicious at the end.

Which twitter link do you mean?