Sunday, 19 June 2011

Google Analytics for emerging writer blog

You can while away many hours when you should be writing in looking at your Google analytics numbers.

(By the way, wile away means to trick someone)

Top search terms in the last 12 months that aren't emerging writer variants include:
  • Literary agents Ireland (and variants)
  • specular poem (that's another name for a mirror poem. Great fun to write.)
  • last years Guardian short story winner (David Constatine)
  • International women's day (write on sisters)
  • Listowel writers week competitions (want to buy an ad? Listowel?)
  • Canadian Literary magazines (there are loads)
  • ginko (a character in Mushishi or a character in the Italian comic Diabolik or more likely, a haiku walk)
  • Dave Lordan (Hi Dave! Did you know you are trending on my blog?)
  • Power Whiskey Short Story Competition (very populat recently)
  • lonely (ahh)
  • How to look good on TV
  • river meander
  • the stinging fly rejections 2011 (that would be me then)
Most popular blogposts in the last twelve month (in reverse order)

10. Whiskey - The Powers Whiskey Writing Competition 
9. Literary agents in Ireland (This from 2007)
8. RTE Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story Competition - (2010)
7. UK Publishing House Guidelines (from 2007, so it will be out of date)
6. More UK Literary Magazines (a part II from 2008)
5. Ireland's Own Short Story Competition (2010)
4. International Women's Day - call for submissions
3. Literary Agents in and around Ireland (more up to date from 2010)
2. MA Creative Writing Courses in Ireland (from 2008)

and the Number 1?

1. Literary Agents in Ireland (from 2008. Please see Number 3 readers)

So everyone wants to get published.

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120 Socks said...

Good list alright - must do mine once I am 12 months in blogland! Put up a poem about my late mom-in-law on International Woman's Day - seemed like a nice thing to do. The woman would laugh her socks off at all the hits it got! Happy writing!