Monday, 2 May 2011


Hello lovely readers. So we're over the royal wedding, through two long weekends back to back and out in the sunshine and the bad man is dead. So let's turn to whiskey.

The Irish Times on Saturday had a competition to write, basically, copy for Powers Whiskey in the form of a very short story, between 400-500 words. Based on an ad campaign in the 1980's.

- an invitation to hark back to a more mellow time

(I'm guessing that's pre recession and maybe even pre celtic tiger)

- reflect a warmer time

(It's warm out now)

- on the topic of 'celebrating what really matters'

(there's a big black hole to look into)

Prize: €10,000 and seeing your story illustrated and printed in The Irish Times.

online here or you can use snailmail.

Deadline: Friday 3rd June 2011 at 5pm.

I can't find a link to examples of the 1980's stories but they're quite witty and warm.

I think they should have 10 prizes of €1,000. They'd get the same level of entry.


The Poetry Bus said...

Whiskey, whiskey, Nancy whiskey, whiskey, whiskey, Nanceee-o!

€10, 000 would fund THe Poetry Bus Mag for a very long time.If it's free to enter I'll have a go, I've more chance of winning than getting funding.

THanks for all these heads ups!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hey ! I like this. I can do this ! I like whiskey and I like to write.
Many thanks. If I win this, I will mention YOUR name in all my press conferences. Promise

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks TFE and Donna. Go for it. How about we all publish our stories after the competition ends so we can share? Is there a (Inter)National Whiskey Day? TFE, you'd know that kind of thing, right?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Sure Kate. It's EVERY day!

Shaun said...

Do you think the story has to feature/mention Powers whiskey, or is it just a short story?

You know: "John had a great day, then finished it with a shot of Powers whiskey in the local shebeen" type of thing?

Emerging Writer said...

Yes Shaun, Powers has to be in it. It's an advert. There was an example one in Saturday's Irish Times. Get your hands on a copy

Shaun said...

Thanks for your help. Just bought yesterday's edition as an e-paper.