Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Story of Plan B

I have been working on an ebook, The Story of Plan B, recently; it's a steep learning curve. Thanks to Catherine Ryan Howard for some pointers from her very successful ebook Mousetrapped.

About my book
: It's a full length novel, contemporary women's fiction set in Ireland, England and South West America. As this is supposed to be a teaser, I'll tell you more in my next post so keep watching.

I'll post later about the ebook process, as I said, it's complicated, technically, legally and culturally. But I wanted you all to know that my book, The Story of Plan B is out soon and I'd love it if you bought it, reviewed it, told other people about it, let me know what you think.

Did you know you can read Kindle ebooks on a PC? It's easy. And, if you've a smartphone, on that too? All this is recent news to me too.

I'll post up a special offer too when it's properly available so watch this space.


Titus said...

That is so exciting AND interesting.
Plus all the trade you'll get from the rapper's fans. Brilliant!

Emerging Writer said...

Rapped fans? What are you not telling me?

Titus said...

Tell me you've heard of Plan B? That's the rapper/singer/songwriter/Ivor Novello award-winning Plan B. The Defamation of Strickland Banks and all that?

Emerging Writer said...

I could lie

Titus said...