Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poetry Divas Ride again - Trim

Yes, the fabulous Poetry Divas ride again, this time down the backroads to Trim, Co Meath.

When: This Thursday 19th May 8pm

Where: in the Coffee Shop in the Knightsbridge Retirement Complex, Longwood road, Trim

Please come along for an enlivening evening's entertainment.

We are a glittery group of poets who've read at lots of cool events - CastlePalooza (main stage,) Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, Festival of Fires, Flat Lake festivals (the list goes on.) Each lineup and show is different, blended to the occasion but we guarantee a deliciously infectious show that's bound to touch a nerve and blur the wobbly boundaries between page and stage.

This week's line up is Barbara Smith (Top Hat Diva), Kate Dempsey (Plastic bead diva), Triona Walsh (Gucci Pucci Diva) and Maeve O'Sullivan (Haiku Diva).


Totalfeckineejit said...

Diva birds are GO!

Kat Mortensen said...

Now if I could just wriggle my nose and be transported, I surely would!


P.S. You can find me here, at the moment:www.katspalaver.wordpress.com

Titus said...

Viva La(s) Divas! Have a great night.