Sunday, 1 May 2011

Books I've been Reading

Part II in an irregular series.
Books I've read recently and books I forgot to mention last time or the time before.
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Solar by Ian McEwan

Ian's take on global warming, wonderfully grumpy main character and lots of science-y stuff. Underlyingly sad though.

City of Bohane by Kevin Barry.

I loved Kevin's short stories, There are Little Kingdoms. Not so enamoured of his first novel. The writing's brilliant,super dialogue and the characters are mad but he doesn't do much with them. He may be trying too hard to be Irvine Walsh or maybe Anthony Burgess crossed with China Melville (below) and maybe Jamie Hernandez with a soupcon of Pat McCabe. He should be Kevin Barry and have more plot.

The City and The City by China Mieville.

What a mind blowing book.Twists and allegories and brilliance. Characters may be a little wooden.

Tomorrow by Graham Swift

Finding this hard going. Too much introspection, not enough action. Plus I don't really care about the main character. Why is that?

Rain by Don Paterson

Read this again after seeing him at Poetry Now Festival. Lovely, clever perfectly worded poems.

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