Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Poetry in a Box

From the Temple House Festival Arts Trail. I loved this. There's so much room for this to spread.

Poetry in a Box is a collaboration between the writer Kate Winter and Kevin Callaghan of Callaghan Construction and Architect and Designer Leonie Cornelius of Blume Design House.

Basically the 5 selected poems were painted on the door of a box.

This one The Owl and The Pussycat, by Edward Lear, carefully planted at child level. Then open the door to see the representation.

Here is The Moon Wakes by Federico Garcia-Lorca.

Inside, the moon and coins of silver.

Here is a terrific poem, Advice to a Discarded Lover by Fleur Adcock

Inside, maggots, no, kidding, just bones.

Here is a A Birthday by Christina Rossetti

And inside...

Here is The Door by Miroslav Holub.

And open inside is

A mirror.

Thanks to Maeve O'Sullivan, legendary Haiku Diva for some of the photos.

Notice, no Irish poet dead or alive. Which poet/poem would you choose? It would have to be one with a good, strong image.



Gorgeous idea. So many poems would work well with this. A pity there were no Irish poets represented.

Emerging Writer said...

Cloths of heaven springs to mind. Wonder how copyright works? Could do at festival like electric picnic or mountains to the sea