Tuesday, 6 September 2011


11 September · 16:00 - 19:00
The Craft Village Cottage, Derry
off Shipquay Street
The 2011 All-Ireland poetry slam heats kick off on Sunday 11th September 2011 @ 4PM SHARP when the DERRY heat will take place..

The slam is running in conjunction with the Big Oak Arts festival which is also taking place that weekend.

We're looking for poets of all guises to come and take part, and seize their chance to be the 2011 All-Ireland Poetry Slam Champion.


Entrants must prepare 2 POEMS (max. 3mins per poem),to be performed unaccompanied, without use of props or instruments etc..

There will be 3 ROUNDS
(participants who make the final round can either do one of the above poems again or a new poem)

The winner will team-up with the winner of the Belfast heat and will go on to represent the Ulster region at the All-Ireland Poetry Slam Final, to be held in Derry later in the year.
(Please note: other heats will be held in the Munster, Leinster and Connaught regions HOWEVER no dates have been set for these as yet, and the finer details here relate only to the Derry heat. We can be of no help with questions regarding the organisation of the other regional heats, unless they're of a mainly general nature. Sorry!)

(places are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis so please get down early and get your name on the register :O) )

Our judges will be: Eamonn McCann, Anne Crilly and Anne Hamilton: The 2 Anne's and The McCann will be looking to merit performers on: 1. Content, 2. Performance, 3. Audience reaction.

We'd also love a good and rowdy but attentive (ofcourse! lol) audience, so please feel free to come along, and get your head showered by words on a Sunday afternoon in and experience some craft in the Craft Village :O)

ENTRY: by DONATION (when we pass round the hat at the event)

For further info please contact:

Frank Rafferty: tlufs59@gmail.com
Abby Oliveira: poetrychicks3@yahoo.co.uk

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