Thursday, 8 September 2011

Saturday of Electric Picnic

So fed, watered, Diva-ed up, nails and all, the afternoon was ready to start with the Poetry Divas. First though Nelly Murphy from Galway and then some art

Then with some Gin and Tonic (in a can!) we watched a puppet show in Irish, energetic but long, then did our Diva stuff. Thanks to the mighty women of Laois, all our Divas were full clothed and fabulous.
(Photo: Iggy McGovern)
Kate Dempsey, Triona Walsh, Maeve O'Sullivan and special guest appearance by Sarah Maria Griffin. We started with bubbles, ably helped by our new small friend, Ben, then moving on through Bs via Bannoffi, Butchers, Boxes, Babies to the very end Boobs. With visual aids.
(Photo: Iggy McGovern)
Scarily tall people chased us through the field
We were followed by the lovely lads from The Glor Sessions with Stephen James Smith. Then later, Poetry Ireland presented some more poets, not sure who I missed but I caught some from Tom Matthews. And a packed tent for John Banville interviewed by Miriam O'Callaghan.
I also stopped in the Science Gallery tent which was packed to the gunnels. Caught some of the Ignite talks, always interesting.
The sun shone and we tried the smoky Bacardi.
and watched some bands. Caca Milis Cabaret was on every evening with a great mix of acts, Helena Mulkerns sang
There was mime (not as good as it sounds and it doesn't sound great. Is that a pun?) belly dancers, spoken word including Sarah Maria Griffin
and Erin Fornoff.
Had some wonderful Massaman curry and spring rolls at Saba which eventually won the food of the festival award.
There was a wine bar this year. The tempranillo sold out first.
Ran off to see Lykke Li on the main stage who was excellent. Watch out for her.
followed by the pretty epic Arcade Fire. The crowd were absolutely hyped.
So was the band. As hyped as Canadians get. I was taken with their video show.
Wandered around Mindfield and Body and Soul, drank tea, watched a terrific trumpeter and band in Natasha's (overpriced) raw food tent. There was a girl in there with a tail. Honest. Made me shiver to watch her dance. It was cold. It did rain some. Still no need for wellies though. Watched some of the laser show from The Chemical Brothers.


Titus said...

Get me the dates for next year! We're coming. Where is it again?

Awesome diva-ness, by the way.

Emerging Writer said...

Oh Titus, that would be brilliant if you'd come! Should be first weekend in September.