Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month

Finally finally after talking the talk about IPYPIASM at Ignite Dublin earlier this month, I walked the walk and put two poems in two shops yesterday.
First a nice drop of wine for the Chrimbo dinner and the start of my poem Drinking Now (available to purchase in my dinky poetry book here, the ideal Christmas present. 4 Euros or £4, a bargain. Can also be hung on the Christmas tree as a novel decoration)

Drinking Now

This wine wants to have its way with you.
It wants to seduce you with spicy notes,
dreams of long, lazy dinners and long lost loves,
warm you, make you smile, lower your defences.
This wine wants to come at you from a different angle,
touch you in unfamiliar places,
your tongue, your mouth, yes, your lips.
See swirling within, the silky undercurrents -
they have something to say.

 Then a beaker of decaff Capuccino and a choccie from the lovely Butlers Coffeeshop leaving A Matter of Taste for other coffee imbimbers to relish.

A Matter Of Taste

You make me feel
you are what gets me out of bed
keeps me awake at night
the smell of you, the way you look
not everyone truly appreciates your depths
delicious, warm and dark,
smooth with an undercurrent of bitterness.
I can’t start the morning until I have you

Lots and lots more at the instigator Various Cushions, plus the non-competative scoreboard. (Heavens to Murgatroy, the things these poets get up to!)
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Any more? Newbies extremely welcome. Guerilla poetry rocks!


Niamh B said...

Nice one Emerging! You're up on the wall of fame now.

Peter Goulding said...

Nice ones Kate and so appropriately placed too. Actually if I was the store manager I'd leave them up!!

Titus said...

Huzzah! Great poems, great places.
Plus wine and coffee. What's not, as they say, to like?

Louise said...

Well done Emerging Writer - I agree with Peter, the store should leave them there!

The Bug said...

Those are great poems!I agree with everyone else - they should be left right where they are. I don't drink wine OR coffee, but these words might make me give them a try :)

The Dead Acorn said...

I do believe the room was getting a bit warmer just reading those poems. Well done!

Words A Day said...

I can’t start the morning until I have you.
Great line:) Well done onyour IPYPIASM!

Domestic Oub said...

Yay, go EW!

And I've joined in with a the cool kids too! not quite such excellent placement as yourself, but at least I'm trying :o)

Brigid said...

Lovely poems, they should keep them in the shops and give you freebies in lieu of payment:)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Niamh. Amn't I in brilliant company?!
Thanks Peter, I bow before you superiority. I just get so nervous.
Thanks Titus. Cheers!
Thanks Louise, are you joining in?
Well, Bug, everything in moderation.
Hi Acorn, I'll take every bit of warmth I can get this time of the year.
Thanks Niamh
D'Oub, I'm heading over!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Brigid. I'm with you on that. Joining in? Feel the rush