Thursday, 8 December 2011

Poetry and Art

If you're in or near Enniskillen in the next couple of months, do yourself a favour and stop by the Art Gallery in Enniskillen castle. There you will find not only some wonderful pictures from fabulous painter Douglas Hutton.
I met Douglas at Annaghmakkerig (and made a mess of one of his paintings, sorry again Douglas!) I love the wild colours and daubing.
 Also at Annaaghmakkerig that week was the lovely and talented poet Miriam Gamble. See my interview with her here. She wrote some poems in response to Douglas's paintings and they mounted and are displaying them side by side with the paintings.
Now the poems are great standalone and the paintings are great standalone, but together, they will knock your socks off.

I would be looking for more opportunities like this. Spread the word.
The exhibition is free and open until 10 February 2012. See here for opening hours.

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Titus said...

I like that art! The skies especially.