Friday, 6 January 2012

Another Writing Workshop at Galway Film Centre

Scene Writing Workshop
What makes a compelling scene?  Is there a way to approach writing, and the all-important rewriting? With the Galway Film Centre/RTÉ Short Script Award deadline fast approaching (approx late Feb/early March 2012) where 2 awards of €9,500 are given to 2 filmmakers to make their films, this practical workshop with script editor, Mark McIlrath, will help you to improve and refine your scene writing skills. These can be applied to shorts or features. Working over 2 days, you will write different sorts of scenes looking at: the dramatic structure; the scene objectives; the beats; the function of the scene; if there is a theme underlying the action (what you’re giving the actors to ‘play’); are you using props and physicalising the conflict through action; whether there is actually anything ‘in play’, or the scene simply seems to lead to a predictable outcome with no sense of anything really being at stake.

Participant Profile: Writers should come with a definite story idea in mind – or better still, a 3 – 8 page Treatment.  You can then pick out scenes from your film story to write during the workshop.

Date: 2 days, Friday 17th & Saturday 18th February, 2012 (9.30am - 5.30pm)

Cost: €120. Please note this workshop is strictly limited to 8 places.


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Donna OShaughnessy said...

Looks like a great time! Certainly info that could be applied to the novelist as well. So often what we see in our heads is worlds away from what our readers 'see"