Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Greenheart Poetry Competition

Here's a competition that new (to me at least) with a good prize. UK funds entry only.

Leigh and Wigan Words Festival 2012 

(Who doesn't want to go to Wigan?)

Judge: Daljit Nagra
Prizes: 1st: £1000;   2nd: £400; 3rd: £200

Deadline: Jan 21st 2012

poems up to 80 lines (which I would say would mean that a short poem would be less likely to win)
and written to the theme of Greenheart see:

Themes I think can be tricky. If you haven't been lucky enough to visit greenheart before, have a  good look at the website and jot down ideas for poems. Don't choose the first idea that comes into your head as penny to a pound it will have occured to many others too and Daljit will be bored of it by the time he reads yours.
Send entries in a S.A.E with £4 per entry, or £10 for three. 

Details here  


Titus said...

It's Shackleton's Endurance for me, but suspect I may be barking up the wrong tree. Still, it's making me think a poem. Cheers!

Emerging Writer said...

How did you get to Endurance? Glad to be a trigger for a poem, however convoluted

Titus said...

Greenheart wood used in the construction - she was a converted whaler.

Emerging Writer said...

I'm in awe of your superior knowledge (again) Please write a poem