Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Muse Unbidden

This sounds like a blast. There's a lot of material in would-be performance poets.

THE MUSE UNBIDDEN follows the journeys of self-discovery of several would-be poets enrolled in a Performance Poetry Workshop led by a charismatic unconventional Performance Poet.  Using music and dream diaries, the hapless participants  are cajoled into finding and surrendering to their personal Muses.  As their Workshop progresses they travel a rollicking Odyssey of confession and self-expression as they give voice to their obsessions, desires, wit, pain, and memories. For some their uninhibited revelry in self-expression leads to joyous catharsis, for others to grief and loss.   

This innovative musical satire written and directed by Roger Gregg, features a live soundscore performed by a cast of mult-talented actor-musicians including Donncha O’Dea and Noni Stapleton.   Produced by The Jack Burdell Experience as part of their Collaborations Festival, 

THE MUSE UNBIDDEN runs for one week only in the Smock Alley Boys School Theatre from Monday 13 to Saturday 18 Feb., at 9 pm.   

Tickets available through  entertainment.ie or at the door. €12/15 .  Or see  www.thejackburdellexperience.com

If you have a look on youtube you can get an idea of what it's about.


Kat Mortensen said...

Is that Bela Lugosi in the photo?

Sounds like a really interesting show. I would definitely check it out if it were over here.

Emerging Writer said...

I think it is. Fabulously styled, no?
I'm going to spot the stereotypes I've encountered