Thursday, 14 January 2016

British Haiku Awards 2015

Annual haiku and tanka contest.

The entry fee for up to 3 haiku is £5 (or US$ 8) and £1 (US$ 1) per haiku thereafter. Separate category for tanka are separate categories (ie. no mixing for one fee). No limit on the number of submissions per competitor. 
Cheques and money orders payable to: British Haiku Society (N.B. not 'BHS'.)
For haiku and tanka send each poem on three separate 5 x 3 inch. (125 x 75mm) cards (or paper cut to size). On one of the copies write your name and address on the back. [+ Phone no. & email]
For haiku, prizes of £125 will be awarded to each of the two best and £50 to each of two runners-up. 
For tanka, prizes of £125 will be awarded to each of the two best and £50 to each of two runners-up.
Deadline: 31 Jan 2016
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