Wednesday, 16 January 2008

RTE Scheduling

So who was the wally who scheduled Desperate Housewives at the same time as Art Lives about John Banville? Both were well worth watching or setting the video for. are we supposed to be differentiated into people who want to watch either one or the other but not both?

The script on Desperate Housewives was very cleverly done where Bree (Brie?) tries to get the recipe for pie from her dodgy but super polite neighbour. A writer could take a few lessons from that. I wonder does John Banville watch Desperate Housewives? What he does watch is The Sopranos. And I've always said much the same as him, though not so lyrically and succinctly. It's modern day Greek tragedy. Character driven, moments of high comedy, betrayal, sex, money, it had it all. The last episode in particular was an exercise on what to leave in, what to take out. Fabulous.

The RTE Guide said
a writer frequently described as "difficult." The documentary follows him from life in Wexford town, through a "grindingly boring job as a clerk" in Aer Lingus, to work as a journalist with the Irish Press and The Irish Times. We witness Banville on trips to Rome and London, but Being John Banville focuses mostly on the tangled business that is the commerce and the art of writing. His self described "killer agent" Ed Victor features prominently and Banville reveals the impact of his 2005 Man Booker Prize win for The Sea. There's also a look at his double life as thriller writer Benjamin Black.

They must have done the Benjamin Black bit and the agent bit at the start when I was still on Wisteria Lane.

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