Thursday, 17 January 2008

More blogs!

It's time to update my blogroll, ruthlessly removing those blogs I don't read or don't get updated often enough and adding, for your elucidation and amusement, some new and illuminating blogs I have stumbled across in the last couple of months. Read 'em and weep.

Ms Baroque in Hackney blogs about books, poetry and reading.

My boyfriend is a Twat has a book. I wonder did she write the blog with the idea of getting a contract.

Girl Friday writes about the Friday Project which focuses on creating books from websites.

LitKicks blogs about literary writing/poetry and has gathered some interesting links if you're looking to procrastinate from your own writing life.

Jude writes about writing for teens, children and her MA.

Adventures in Writing from County Cavan's wild west.

Sally's Writing Competition Calendar has a good selection of verified competition, both long standing and new.

Dead Beat Gerard Beirne blogs on literary thoughts.

Background Artist has been blogging for a while about poetry in Ireland.

Doug Jackson blogs about getting his upcoming book picked up from the website youwriteon.

justine larbalestier writes about writing but down under.

Catherine Sharp has Sharp Words.

Beboauthor blogs about writing.

Shane Hegarty from the Irish Times blogs here bits that didn't fit into his column.

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Karen said...

You know, I'm never going to get any 'proper' writing done if I keep peeking at all these lovely blogs! My own list is getting longer by the hour!!