Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Search terms

I was checking my blog statistics and it's amazing what search terms show up as being pointed to this blog. Lots of ones about writing, of course, quite a few looking specifically for "emerging Writer" or "Emerging writer blog" which is nice. The most popular ones seem to be on the Creative Writing MA and on publishers particularly those accepting unsolicited manuscripts.
The following search terms been used to have find this blog:

  • creative writing (courses/teaching) Dublin
  • stories/short stories/novel/play writing competition 2008
  • short sunset poems
  • People's College Parnell Square
  • Women's magazines that publish short stories
  • irish publishers fiction
  • stinging fly
  • irish literary agents
  • england poet blog
  • radio drama format
  • query letter
  • synopsis/unsolited manuscripts publishing
  • ma creative writing (ireland)
  • submission guidelines
  • emerging writer

and numerous ego-surfers looking for their own names. I won't name them. You know who you are! Either that or you have very persistent virtual stalkers.
yes all of this wisdom is already contained in the archives of this blog.
How can it be? What will the future bring? I hear you cry. Dunno, do I?


Anonymous said...

Well, egos or none, it's always nice to know they're reading you.

Now, the important stuff: PLEASE tell me where you get that novel progress bar on the right over there . . . ?

Karen said...

It's interesting isn't it? I came across most of the blogs I read now the same way - by typing in certain words according to what I was looking for that particular day! Of course, I'm hooked now and spend far too much time reading everyone else's words instead of writing more of my own :)

Colm Keegan said...

Curse those ego maniacs!! Guess how i got here lol.....