Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Thought for the Day

A survey commissioned for World Book Day had revealed that accountants spend more time reading for pleasure than any other profession.
Think about that the next time you diss one in a story.
Perhaps your next protagonist should be an accountant? Market share anyone?

Famous Books about Accountants?
Did John Grisham have one?

Not quite so famous books about accountants.

  • The Honest Accountant by Peter Milwain
  • True Lies by Margaret Johnson-Hodge
  • The Black Brook by Tom Drury
  • The Passionate Accountant by Sally Goldenbaum
  • The Art of Drowning by Frances Fyfield

Raymond Chandler started as an accountant. I love his witty way with words.
The Irish writer Tommy Frank O'Connor is apparently an accountant.
Any poet-accountant?

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