Saturday, 19 July 2008

James Barrett And The Doll In The Corner

This sounds interesting. This project is looking for writing for inclusion in a limited edition Artist Book entitled, "James Barrett And The Doll In The Corner".
The book is being produced as part of an Art's Council funded project that will culminate in a multimedia exhibition in the Europa Hotel in Belfast in 2008. The project was started during the Heinrich Boll Writer's and Artist residency in Achill Island, County Mayo in January 2007.

All successful submissions will be bound into an illustrated limited edition artist book; all contributors will receive a copy of the book.

Kathy says:

It will be a mix of art work, poetry, prose and short stories-all based on or inspired by the title/imagery of James Barrett and The Doll In The Corner) I'm interested in the concept of using imagery or the interplay between images as a catalyst for an imagined story or situation.

Out of many pieces I've received via Belfast and Dublin writer's networks, I have chosen around 6 so far and am looking for another 4. A couple of short stories would be good.

She's looking for submissions asap. It's a good idea to write outside you usual parameters from time to time so why not give it a lash?

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Sheila Killian said...

thanks for the link - I'll give it a shot and see what happens