Sunday 9 September 2012

Poem about your personal history

Here's an interesting one from Holland Park Press.

It’s about your personal history but at the same time we’re looking for an individual history that has a universal resonance; in other words, a poem which uses the literary form to say something more, and which is not just about yourself.

The poem could feature a country, or a particular area, a particular time, a generation, things we have lost, or of course new developments, changes in opinion, landscape, sexuality, thoughts on belief or atheism, or be about a conflict, migration, slowly getting to grips with something, or letting go, the list goes on.

We’re especially interested in the interaction between the personal and the universal, in something that happened to you, or a thing that you witnessed and which still colours your life and even that of others. It may well be the essence or theme of your life and you should present this in striking images.

The author of the winning poem will receive £100 plus the winning poem will be published in our online magazine.

Because we invite entries in Dutch and English, two poems will be awarded the first prize, one in English and one Dutch poem. For the benefit of our English readers the winning Dutch poem will be translated into English and published in both languages in our magazine.

  • Written in English or Dutch
  • 50 lines or fewer
  • Original work of the entrant and must not have been previously awarded or published
  • One poem per entrant
Deadline: 31 December 2012.

Free to enter

Link here

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