Wednesday 5 September 2012

Winners of the tickets for Poetry Now

Right we have entries.

First a recap. Poetry Now Festival have generously offered free tickets to the Poetry Now festival.
One for the Keynote address with the fabulous poet James Fenton who is going to discuss Philip Larkin. This Thursday.
One for Khin Aung Ay and Louis de Paor on Saturday.

Titus suggested Rachel Fox because she's cool and funny and has a northern accent.
Hugh McMillan, because he's cool and funny and has a Scottish accent.
US poet Brigit Pegeen Kelly as she finds her work astonishing.

I'd like to hear these myself. But Titus lives across the water so she can't come if she wins.

Tonya Early suggested Colm Keegan to cause some ripples in Dun Laoighaire. She loves his Dublin accent, also thinks he's a great poet too.

Yes, Colm gives a good reading. His energy is infectious.

Nollaig Rowan suggested Tom Conaty, the emerging Cavan poet who has a great first collection.

There's another poet I haven't heard before

So the winners are: Tonya for Khin Aung Ay and Louis de Paor on Saturday and Nollaig for James Fenton on Thursday. Congrats girls! Your tickets will be on the door with your names on.

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Titus said...

Congratulations to the winners! Listen extra-hard for me.

Must learn to swim...