Thursday, 1 November 2007

Feile Filiochta Poetry Competition

Competition Rules
Poem(s) accepted by EMAIL ONLY to
There is no entry fee.
Attach entry form (found on the website) and poem(s) separately to the same email.
Write your name on the entry form only, not on the poem.
Please include the title of the poem(s) on top of each page.
Entrants may submit up to 4 poems in each language category in their age group.
In the junior categories entrants must be under 12 or under 17 on the closing date of the competition.
Poems must not have been published prior to entering the competition and should not appear in print, on a website, self-published or broadcast in any form before announcement of competition results. They must be the original work of the author.
The list of prizewinners and winning poems will appear on the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries website in early March 2008. Winners will be personally notified by February 2008.
Entry forms available online in Gaelige, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Cymraeg, Espãnol, Gàidhlig na hAlbann, Svenska and Polski.


Emerging Writer said...

I have decided not to enter this year although it's free. They keep the poems for ages, they have LOADS of entries and all poetry comeptitions are subjective at the last stage. The ones who have wone recently are very different types to mine. Anyone else have an opinion?

Middle Ditch said...

Hi emerging writer,

I personally hate poetry competitions. So does my husband. We always think it is friends of friends that will have a chance. Pretty biassed. Maybe we are wrong but we have had some dire experience.

primordial man said...

Hi emerging writer and middle ditch.
It's easy to be synical all right but competitions are one way of establishing some credibility. While they can be subjective and depend a lot on the type of poetry that the judge happens to like, they are however, judged anonymously.
I am the living proof of their worth as I was fortunate enough to win a major competition having never before had a poem in print.
It seems I did in fact, emerge from a kind of literary primordial soup.
Don't dispair, keeping putting your work out there. Writing is 90%rejection; the patience of Job is required.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your story. Congratulations. What have you done since winning your competition?