Tuesday, 27 November 2007

More blogs

More blogs worth checking out:

Bookeywookey has lots of poetry and opinions.

The Journal of a Writing Wolf a ladywolf who writes and enjoys fantasy.

Moo-Dog The amazing adventures of Terence McDanger.

Tales from the Reading Room

Get On With it blog is wittily written by Karen Clarke, a writer and librarian in England

Lady with a Laptop blogs about lots of writing projects.

In Search of Adam blogs about her new novels.

Chicklit Writer is another Wannabe writer's weekly diary.

Julia Buckley is working on her first novel but has a tendency to proscrastinate and pretend to bake.

The Yorkshire Pudding Club (killer title!) is the blog of a newly published author Milly Johnson.

Nathan Brasford is a US literary agent with Curtis Brown and has lots of interesting information, funnily enough, agents.

Obheal has details about readings and open mics in Cork city. Check it out!

Over the Edge showcases literary events in Galway.

Deconstructive Wasteland is a poet blogger.

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