Sunday, 18 November 2007

Submit now, not in January

Bits and pieces. I've reached 4,000 hits on the blog. Wow. I wonder how many stopped to read?

I did a poetry reading last night in a church, which was interesting. Reading from the pulpit with a candle and great acoustics. I read 3 poems, a mix of styles finishing on a blinder, mad one. The other readers were a mixed bag, some funny, some fiction, some intense, some self-referential. One great shape poem, a mirror poem similar to a couple i;ve read before by Julia Copus, which are great. I'll have to experiment with that when I get some time.

Time. it's all about time. Working full time leaves little time over. I'd like to take some days over Christmas but it seems selfish to lock myself away from the family and festive goings on. But when else is there?

By the way, read the line above. Submit your stuff now. Apparently there is often a lull coming up to Christmas and then a glut after Christmas when everyone goes through their new year resolutions and Starts Sending Out at last. Good thinking.

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