Saturday, 17 November 2007

Old Anthologies - Giving up?

I was reading some old anthologies the other day and when reading through the contributers' names I was surprised to realise how few I recognised.
The first anthology was from 1993.
The only names I recognised were Pat Boran, Mark Roper, Sheila O'Hagan, Ted McNulty who died in 1998, Mario Luzi who died in 2005 and the editors. What's happened to all the rest? Have they given up writing? Are they still scribbling? Have they all died? What's happened to Janet Shepperson, Robert Drake, Fay Marshall, Mariana Marin, Kitty Fitzgerald, Fabio Doplicher, Howard Wright, Janessa Fox-Roberts, Simion D, John Siberry, Sabine Wichert, Franco Fortini, Augustin Ioan, Geraldine Mulgrew.
OK, so some of the names are still in the game but what I mean here is that I'm in this type of anthology now. What I don't want in 5years time is for someone to be flicking through the dusty book and asking themselves what happened to me.

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