Monday, 6 October 2008

More Rejections

Here's another competition I didn't win. I didn't even get a poem in the anthology. F'nah. Congratulations Maggie and also Nuala in the anthology. There are four winning submissions this year. The work of thirty nine poets is published in the 2008 anthology Buzz. Lots of them will be reading at the Derwent Poetry Festival, October 17th to 19th. The judge this year was Jane Weir.

Templar Poetry Pamphlet Poets: 2008 - win £500 each and publication of their pamphlet.

Mike Barlow: Amicable Numbers. Mike already has two collections, Living on the Difference (Smith Doorstop) and Another Place (Salt).
Siobhan Campbell: That Water Speaks in Tongues Siobhan already has two collections, the Permanent Wave and The Cold that Burns (Blackstaff Press)
Katrina Naomi: Lunch at the Elephant & Castle
Maggie O’Dwyer: Yes, I’d love to dance

I had assumed this competition was for poets without a first collection. Silly me.

Anthology Poets: 2008 published in Buzz

Derek Adams, Meredith Andrea, Christopher Andrews, Catherine Benson, Mara Bergman, Clare Best, Annie Bien, Carole Bromley, Sally Clark, Jennifer Copley, Chris Culshaw, Emma Danes, Alyss Dye, Susanne Ehrardt, Nell Farrell, Maureen Gallagher, Elaine Gaston, David Gilbert, Jo Haslam, Pamela Johnson, Valerie Josephs, Pauline Keith, John Mackay, Catherine McLoughlin, Simone Mansell Broome, Helen Moore, Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Jeremy Page, Geraldine Paine, Rennie Parker, Nick Pearson, Joan Poulson, Beth Somerford, Pauline Suett Barbieri, Kay Syrad, Simon Williams, Hilary Wilmot, Stephen Wilson, Michael J.Woods.

Also rejected from Succour.
Also did not win anything for my short story in the Bridport.
Onwards and upwards, mes amis.


shug said...

I read with Mike barlow in Durham earlier in the year. He's a self-effacing bloke whose career took off when he won the National Poetry Competition in 2006.
The rest of us just have to keep plugging away I'm afraid. Nothing for it. No option.

PJ Nolan said...

no worries - each one a step on the path! got rejected by succour myself.

Emerging Writer said...

Hi shug, thanks for dropping by. The National Poetry Competition showcases classy poets all right. And pj, I'm in fine company then.