Monday, 20 October 2008

Best books I've read this year (so far)

In no particular order, the books I've enjoyed most this year so far. See the links on the sidebar.

Then We Came to the End: a Novel - Joshua Ferris
Loved it. So close to the bone yet hilarious about the workplace. Also written somehow in the first person plural 'we.' It's hard to write about work, yet all starting out writers do work, many in offices such as these. This is what makes the writers of The Office so admirable.

What Was Lost - Catherine Flynn
Congrats to Catherine and Tindal Street Press for running with this lovely, quirky novel. Won the Whitbread. Love the setting.

A Long Way Down - Nick Hornby
I love Nick Hornby's writing. Initially the starting point put me off, four very different people meeting on a roof about to commit suicide. How wrong was I? Great stuff.

Tenderwire - Claire Kilroy
Loved this one too. Witty and passionate but completely unreliable narrator.

The Travels of Maudie Tipstaff - Margaret Forster
Oh Dear God, this funny, rude, lonely woman's story is out of print. Seek it out. I got mine from the library.

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