Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Over the Edge Winner

Wondering who won the Over the Edge reading? With less of a fanfare and more of a small parp, here's the result.

Wes Lee originally from the UK, now living in Wellington, New Zealand.
Her story, Tigers, has been chosen as the winner by competition judge, Celeste Augé. Tigers will appear in the January-March issue of Galway Arts Centre's online literary quarterly, West 47.
The runner up is Hans-Joachim (Hajo) Quade of Galway for his poems High Flyer, Winkles & Time Warp. No hits for Hajo - a mystery man
Another Galway-based writer, Alan McMonagle, took third place with his story The Fight.

Was there a Galway slant or just more Galwegians entered?
But more strangely, how can you run a competition with short stories competing with poems? I thought there would be one winner for each category.

Over the Edge Reading
Where: Sheridan's Wine Bar, Church Yard Street, Galway
When: October 17th 8pm
Who: Poets Paul Allen, Enda Coyle Green, Mags Treanor, Tim Cunningham & Mary Dempsey

And yay. At last, an acceptance for me. The SHOp, the great poetry magazine from Schull. Excellent taste too!


Liz said...

Me too on the stories versus poems angle.
Congrats on The SHOp - I managed to sneak in a wee acceptance there too - not sure for when though...

BarbaraS said...

yay for you! Patience rewarded at last.

And yay for Wes Lee, sounds intriguing!

Peadar said...

Great blog E.W full of useful info and tips- managed to rustle up a late entry for PK award thanks to you. Well done on SHOp acceptance, beautiful mag, lovely people. Peadar.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks all. Maybe we'll be magazine buddies, Liz. The first time I was published, I was magazine buddies with famous seamus.
And Barbara, there was nothing patient about it!