Sunday, 19 October 2008

More ways to spend the day

Blah Blah collects interesting posts about Ireland

Bookaholic writes a terrific blog about books from Malaysia.

booksinq is mostly links to other articles of interest.

Coventry Telegraph blogs from the city I say I'm from. You have to be from somewhere.

David Maybury blogs about children's books and writing.

The Debutante Ball is a group blog on what seem to be romance writers. Read the posts on 'The Call'

Declan Burke blogs about crime (writing) at Crime Always Pays.

Fin Keegan is an Irish writer.

Heat Seeker shows the book reviews from Saturday's Evening Herald.

Janet Reid, Literary Agent in NY.

Ken Armstrong writing stuff draws you in.

Life on Planet Me is worth a visit.

The Misssy m Missives blethers from Scotland.

Posh Totty blogs amusingly about bits and pieces.

Sarah Webb blogs about writing and various other nefarious activities around literary Dublin.

Sasah Photography has great photos in Dublin, city and people.

Salt Confidential is news and views from the independent UK press Salt. It's a good one.

Tea Stains is a British writing living in Bangkok.

Western and Cowboy at the Bar-D Ranch features Irish Cowboy Poetry. You have to read this.

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