Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hoskins House Trust Writer's Residency

Are you a woman?
Are you over 40?
Do you have the legal right to be in the UK? (includes all EU citizens)
Do you write in English?
Have you published significant work on any subject, or to have worked, broadcast, taught, lectured or acted extensively in the English language? (tricky, that one)
Do you have a contract for publication or performance of the work you intend to work on?

This residency may be for you. Live in Warwickshire for between 2 and 12 months. Monthly bursary of £750.
Occupancy of Church Cottage (a small cottage dating from about 1700), adjacent to the churchyard in the village of Clifford Chambers, two miles from Stratford-upon-Avon.

(How will they know? Do they check up?)

Deadline: Monday 12th April 2010
Interviews of shortlisted applicants will take place on Monday 19th April 2010.
See website
Won't many 40 plus women have families, cats, other ties that make it hard to live elsewhere for an extended time?


Barbara Scully said...

Stuff of dreams... a year to live in a cutesy cottage where you can write all day. Completing a project for which you already have a contract! Dreams indeed!!!!

Emerging Writer said...

isn't it just? Plus the assumption that you can drop everything and go. Our day will come. Our day will come. Repeat.

Ann said...

1. yes 2. yes, 3 yes, 4. yes, Here's where gets depressing!
5.Grey area, 6. No.

Love the sound of the cottage....
HeyHo! In Alison's parallel world I am there.

Emerging Writer said...

It does sound lovely. They can take more than one residency. We can both live there in our parallel worlds

janis said...

I was very interested in this opportunity as I also have difficulty in writing due to distractions as mentioned in the programme. My friend and I completed a creative writing degree back in 2005 and have both been published - articles for me, a ghost written book for her. I have a book/film manuscript in my head as does she and we both feel the frustration of not being able to 'get started'. We do not have commissions though and would love to know if there are any places out there for folk like us.

janis said...

Technology beats me - that is to say google passwords that are never correct despite me re-entering and changing at every half turn. Did my comment go through?

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Janis

There are places you can escape too without a contract, google writers residences. Are you in the UK? There are retreats at the Arvon houses or the two of you could rent a cottage off season.
I can recommend Annaghmakerrig, The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Monaghan, Ireland