Tuesday, 2 March 2010

PJ O'Connor Radio Play for RTE competition

I missed any announcement about this but it's open for submissions. This year it's 55 minutes.

Have you ever considered writing for radio? There are many opportunities and a good way to break in is to try for the RTE P.J. O'Connor competition. Here's the gen:

The aim of the competition is to encourage new writers to radio drama and to increase awareness of the possibilities and scope of radio as a medium in the field of drama.

Rules: For the first time RTÉ Radio Drama is inviting candidates to submit radio plays of 55 minutes in duration (rule of thumb is one page per minute when properly formatted)
Prizes: €3,000 for first prize, €2,000 second, €3,000 third prize.
All plays are planned to be recorded and broadcast. They shortlist between 12 and 20.

If you are a new writer in this medium, there is a great weekend course they offer shortlisted writers in writing for radio. And you may get lucky too. Sometimes they record and broadcast shortlisted plays and you are paid the standard RTE rates.

Deadline: March 31st 2009
Tips: Listen to lots of radio drama. You can get the BBC afternoon play online for a week.

Details here:

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