Saturday, 20 March 2010

Anam Cara Workshops - Writing in Ireland

Anam Cara seems to aim particularly at the US market. It's a lovely place and many participants come back totally in love with the whole experience.

Creating Compelling Characters
Guide: Susan Hubbard
One-week Residential Retreat, arriving Saturday, 5 June and departing Saturday, 12 June

Writing in Ireland
Leader: Karen Blomain
One-Week Residential Retreat, arriving Saturday, 12 June and departing Saturday, 19 June
The Poem and the Dream
Leaders:  Paula Meehan and Juliet Clancy
One-week residential retreat, arriving Saturday, 19 June and departing Saturday, 26 June

Writing from Within:  Haiku and the Spiritual DimensionLeaders:  Maeve O'Sullivan and Kim Richardson
One-week Residential Retreat, arriving Saturday, 17 July and departing Saturday, 24 July

Ireland: A Workshop for Photographers, Writers, and Visual Artists
Leader:  Patrick Keough 
One-week Residential Retreat, arriving Saturday, 31 July and departing Saturday, 7 August

Visual Storytelling
Leader: Selila Honig
One-week Residential Retreat, arriving Saturday, 14 August and departing Saturday, 20 August

Emotional Structure:  Creating the Story Beneath the Plot, A Workshop for Screenwriters
Leader: Peter Dunne
One-week Residential Workshop, arriving 21 August and departing 28 August
Encountering the Sacred in the Landscape of Ireland Retreat/Art Workshop Guides: Damian Zynda and g.a. Sheller
One-week Residential Retreat/Workshop, arriving September 8 departing
September 15, 2010

Alums Receive a 10% Discount

Once you have been on retreat to Anam Cara, you will receive a 10% discount on your chosen room rate on all subsequent residencies. 

They have a new blog and this is their website
but nowhere can I see the cost. Daft!

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