Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Iota Poetry Competition Shortlist

1st Prize £2,000
2nd Prize £1,000
3rd Prize £500
10 Supplementary Prizes of £50

All poems will be published in Iota 88.

"Here is The News" by Carol Beadle

"A truck called 'Perseverence' ", by Martyn Crucefix

"Look Who's Shunting The Nuclear Train", by Mick Wood

"Playtime", by Maeve Henry

"Los Angeles", by Matthew Caley

"The embolism suffered by Edward's father (during a sudden cold snap)", by Rosie Sheppard

"Doors", by Kevin Russell-Pavier

"In the Gardens of Titans", by Clint Frakes

"Everyone Matters", by Jamie Walsh

"Untitled", by Pat Cash

"Where the Bull Got In", by Kate Miller

"New Flat", by Ben Wilkinson

"Eurythmy Artiste with Toque", by Christopher North

Some wacky titles there but no names I recognise from either side of the water. Not mine anyway. Grrr. Where shall I send my unreconised masterpieces next?


Uiscebot said...

mostly men too

Emerging Writer said...

That's true. 4 out of 13 unless Pat is Patricia. The judge was man (Tim Turnbull) Is there a bias?
I'm going back to look at others.
Crawshaw shortlist, 3 out of 12. Winners, 1 out of 6.
Is this representative of the submissions proportion?

Peter Goulding said...

It would be interesting to see the geographical spread too.
Then I could move there and hey, no need to change my gender!

Emerging Writer said...

I might change my name to Kevin
or Ken