Thursday, 25 March 2010

Submission words of wisdom

Words of wisdom from Nicole at Help! I Need a Publisher.How new writers need to get the right book published in the right way.

More from Editorial Ass It's better not to be published at all than to get published in an inferior way.

And some from Kidlit.

This holds true for books as well as magazines. Have a look at the other books or pieces published by the publisher you're submitting to. Is this the sort of company you want to be published in? If the magazine publishes stories about coming to Jesus and your piece is a gritty murder mystery, is that a waste of paper? If you write about snowdrops and kingfishers and the other pieces are grimy, urban fantasy pieces, should you look elsewhere? If the other books are actually not very good or you've never heard of the writers, why would you start here?

If you went to a party with these people, would it be fun? Interesting? Tedious? Mind-numbingly Boring? Gross? Interlectually stimulating? Stimulating in any other way? Would you be out of your depth? Would you stick out like a sore thumb?