Saturday, 20 March 2010

Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition

The Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition is sponsored by the Munster Literature Centre. It's now open for really, really early submissions

Warning: They do have a history of being heavy on North American winners. Not sure why. Do they get proportionally more or are the pre-readers biased to the North American style? Does such a thing exist?

First Prize: €1,500 (approx US $2000) and publication in the literary journal Southword.
Second Prize: €500 (approx US $650) and publication in Southword.
Four other shortlisted entries will be selected for publication in Southword and receive a fee of €100 (approx USD $130).
There will be a long list of twenty entrants published.

Judge: Tania Hershman

Up to 3,000 words

Fee: €15, US $20 or £15.
Deadline: 31st July 2010

You can submit by email.


Jessica Maybury said...

I always forget about this competition for some reason. When's the deadline?

Emerging Writer said...

31st July. Halfway through summer. Maybe you should send early!

Tania Hershman said...

Hi EW!,
thanks so much for publicising this. I am honoured to be the judge this year and wanted to say that I would love to see stories that are a lot shorter than 3000 words too, and yes, get your entry in early! (It's all anonymously judged, of course)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Tania. Do you read all entries or are they filtered?

Tania Hershman said...

I actually do read all the entries, which is great because I get to pick the stories I love!

Totalfeckineejit said...

FIFTEEN EUROS!!!??? At least you can save on the stamp.I'll also be saving on the entry fee.