Thursday, 18 March 2010

Languages of the readers of my blog

Per my stats, after English (UK and US (hello my lovely American readers) what do Canadians set their English to? What about Aussies and Kiwis? Do you have your own settings or it is down to how yo uspell colour/color?) The next language settings of my readers are:

German : Guten Tag und Gruss Gott! Did you see my poem in the Bremen magazine Newleaf? I did a lovely residency in Oberpflatzler Kunstlerhaus a couple of summers ago. Such lovely people.
Spanish: Buenos Dias mi amigos. Half as many as the Germans. Spread the word. I'd love to do a residency in Spain. I read about one in Catalonia but it seemed a bit remote. I like countryside but I like people too.
France. Bonjour mes amis. J'aime la France beaucoup. I'd love to drop in on the Paris Irish centre but I'm probably not quite Irish enough.
Italy. Ciao! Any chance of an invitation? What's not to love about Italy?
pl I'm guessing is Poland. Dzien dobry! Did you know that when Tesco started translating their signs in Irish stores to bi-lingual signs, i.e. English and Irish, they translated Polish where the interesting Polish foodstuffs are to Snasán, the Irish word for polish, like Mr Sheen!
Netherlands. Dag, jonges! Ik woonde eens in Nijmegen, erg lang geleden.

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