Saturday, 6 March 2010

Links for your elucidation

Every day for 365 days @blondergan gives $100 to causes + people that are making the world a better place. See the blog at What Gives.

Top 10 Query mistakes from Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent. Don't screw up at the first hurdle. 

Ten confessions of an aspiring writer .... includes a definition of the difference between an aspiring and an emerging writer... from Overland.

Carry a Poem in Edinburgh. Great idea. We should do it here.

Good Idea/Bad Idea from Pimp My Novel 

What they ate at the Theatre in Shakespeare's time. 

Book Swap at Wimbledon Station. We should get this at our major commuter stations. 

Rather wonderful rant from Julian Gough, an Irish Writer in Berlin about the State of Irish Literature. Some things ring true, some clank like a broken bell.

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Susan said...

Interesting to read other people's response to that Gough piece. I thought he had a point and a strong one but it got slightly lost amid forests of p*n*ses - Here is my take on Julian Gough's polemic.