Saturday, 13 March 2010

Southword Deadline - do they pay?

Deadline: March 15th

Online journal Southword 18 is due to be published in July. Fiction editor is Tania Hershman and Poetry editor is James Harpu.

Do Southword pay? Anyone know?

They're a Cork journal so links in the People's Republic are useful but no longer mnadatory.

Online submission details as per the website.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Southword used to be a fine physical thing.Online presence only is a sad but understandable demise.For me, paid or not, I'd much rather read/appear in an actual real life tree based magazine. Lord knows I get published so little I'd like a physical reminder of it.

Ps There is only ONE alternative Republic in The Republic and that isn't Cork, it's The People's Lost Republo d'EEjit.

Peter Goulding said...

Yes they pay.
Not only am I delighted to be published anywhere, whether in print, online, in blood, on vellum, but its the only place I've ever been published and got a cheque for it!

eimearryan said...

Thanks for the headsup, Kate.

It's more satisfying to see your work in print, definitely, but online probably reaches a larger audience ... I was never able to find the print Southword in bookshops.

n said...

hi, they pay thirty euro per story, one of the only onlines that do as far as i know!