Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Revival Whitehouse Poets

This lovely Limerick magazine is to be launched in the Locke Bar, Limerick on Thursday 1st April. I have to recommend getting your sticky mits on a copy as there are some very famous, talented and Diva-esque poets included, some of whom have promised to show up on the night and read, with or without tiara.

Niamh Bagnell - Various
Brian Kirk
Pete - The Stammering Poet

How could you not rush out and buy a copy?
 Purchase here


Totalfeckineejit said...

Where else would ya get it? Surely be a priceless collecters classic this issue.Long live the whitebus poets!

Titus said...

How could I not? (Where do I get it?)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks. I've put the question to the Revival girl. Watch this space!

Emerging Writer said...

Updated with a purchase link. Let me know if it works

Titus said...

I thank you. Will let you know upon safe delivery.
Ooh. Bit excited now.