Thursday, 2 October 2008


There is lots to listen to either online or download and listen to later. I sometimes listen on my PC but usually transfer to my phone (Nokia - love it) which can holds loads and then listen to my podcasts driving around or in the supermarket. It really makes the time pass faster.

Here are ones on my list:
Weekend Blend on Newstalk - a bit frothy but interesting guests
Woman's Hour Podcast
BBC Radio 4 Front Row highlights - always something that sparks the interest
Radio 3 Arts and Ideas podcast can ge ta bit high-falutin'
RTE The Arts Show but I'm still missing the late lamented Rattlebag
Lyric FM Quiet Quarter
Sunday Miscellany, yes even though they repeatedly refuse to acknowledge my brilliance.
Francis MacManus short stories you seem to have to listen to online.
DLR Libraries Podcast page has podcasts of various literary events.

and this new one:
short stories from the New Yorker Check out the great story from Tobias Wolffe, Bullet in the Head.

Also results from the Dromineer Literary Festival Competition

5th Dromineer Literary Festival will be launched and hold its award ceremony on next Friday 3rd Oct at Lough Derg Yacht Club, Dromineer, Co Tipperary. Congratulations to you all.

Prize winners :

1st Nollaig Rowan, Dublin 'Making Your Deb's Dress' 500 Euro
2nd Michael Farry, Trim 'I Taught You to Drive' 350 Euro
3rd Tony O'Dwyer, Galway 'A Poem About Something Else' 150 Euro

Short story
1st Andrew King, Dublin 'The Old Guard' 500 Euro
2nd Mari Maxwell, Galway 'Burren Child' 350 Euro
3rd Sarah Cottle, Sligo 'First Impressions' 150 Euro

Festival runs 2nd to 5th Oct. 2008.


podpilot said...

Great list--and pic!

Like you EW, it seems, I am something of a radio nut. On my site, I have a daily updated page of recent audio (with a distinctly bookish slant), drawn from RTE/BBC/NPR/CBC/ABC/RNZ and many more sources. See here to play online:

Or here for podcast/reader feed:

To give you an idea, the page currently features interviews with Philip Roth, Tim Robinson, Salman Rushdie and Annie Proulx...

Uiscebot said...

Bullet in the Brain is one of the greatest short stories ever. A tour de force.