Sunday, 11 January 2009

Haiku anyone

Here's a call for submissions from the lovely Stony River Farm for Haiku on a theme of flowers.

Bottle Rockets Press in the US.

This flower anthology is due out sometime in 2010. The book will be a perfect-bound with a glossy cover plus an ISBN. Submission can cover any aspects of flowers. Any type of flower is welcome. No tanka, haibun or haiga will be considered.

Please strictly follow the following guidelines to have your work considered.

1) Previously published poems must have:
-the name of 1st publication
-volume number
-issue number
-year of publication

2) Please also indicate:
-the season next to each poem
-and any other useful information.

3) If unpublished please indicate it also next to the haiku.

4) All submissions need to have on the top right corner of the page:
-poet’s name
-e-mail address

Submissions in the USA need a SASE/size 10 envelope.

Outside the USA Submissions need to include an SASE with 2 IRCs or an e-mail address for the editor’s reply.

All submissions must be typed. 5 haiku per page. Please send up to 20 haiku. (Previously published prefered, but not mandatory.)

This will be a highly selective process. Any submission not following these strict guidelines will be discarded without notifying the author. It is the author’s responsibility to follow directions. Deadline for submission August 1, 2009. brp reserves the right to discontinue this book project if it does not acquire enough quality work. Please send submissions to:

Stanford M. Forrester, Editor
bottle rockets press
PO Box 189
Windsor, CT 06095



Canteen corridor
count my steps as syllables
Haiku for breakfast


Totalfeckineejit said...

fitting words in straight jackets
pruning bonsai threes
better things to do

Emerging Writer said...

No one's making you
step outside your comfort zone
why not something new