Sunday, 4 January 2009

Words of wisdom from Willesden Herald

Click here for them all but read 'em and learn. You've probably read most before but they can do with reiteration. The less standard winges below:

Thou shalt not put "The End" at the end.
Thou shalt not put pictures in the manuscript for a writing competition.
Thou shalt not include extracts of text from other sources which perplexeth the copyright lawyers mightily.
Thou shalt beware of registered trademarks which likewise troubleth the abovementioned.
Thou shalt not try to portray thine narrator as a great writer reflecting on troubles with latest world publication deal, because forsooth few readers wilt fall for that old trick.
Thou shalt not submit multiple entries under false identities, which cometh sequentially all with typography of the tribe of Myopia and transparent airs about each, which giveth unwitting mirth to the reader.
Thou shalt try to go easy on foreign language words or obscure terms which the reader hath to seek out verily in the temples of Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia, lest they be garbage of the devil.
Accursed be they who include sentences and phrases in foreign languages that the reader hath no competence in, even if thou attemptest to reassure with translations in which said poor reader can have but little faith.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Well that's their pejorative.Anybody read a copy of Da wilderness Herald lately? It'd need ta be gud. ;)

Nik's Blog said...

Yes, I liked reading those as well; they're helpful to those who wouldn't normally know, aren't they?


Nik's Blog said...

And happy new year, by the way!

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Leon Basin said...

That looks awesome!!!