Thursday, 22 January 2009


Ever been to Listowel Writers' Week? Many are devotees. I found it a bit clique-y and unwelcoming to outsiders. But the readings were great. The courses a bit more mixed. Buyer beware. Just because a writer can write, doesn't mean they can teach or run a workshop.

The competitions are now open. They have some innovative categories, including lots of youth categories, poetry, poetry collection and short story. However, they all only have one prize so if you are runner up, no one ever knows. So if, like me, you write shortlisted-type stuff, what's the point?
Deadline: 27 Feb 2009


podpilot said...

Chin up, EW.

By chance there happens to be an interesting Q&A with a poet who has won a fair number of competitions over at 'Poets and Writers':

Like me, she thinks contests are a good way to generate material.

Unlike me she gets them finished a few weeks in advance--which is probably why she wins a lot.

thegirlwhosafraidoffoxes said...

Sure it's great that you only get short-listed. If I were you, I'd seize the opportunity to constantly moan that I'm a misunderstood tortured artist who is unappreciated by the philistines of the world!

They just don't get 'real' talent.

/end of self-delusion

Peter Goulding said...

And also I think the minimum €10 entry fee is very steep.
Even if they had a Highly Commended part it would give some of us a nice compilation prize