Thursday, 8 January 2009

New writing courses

Feeling flush? Feeling desparate? Feeling like you'll never get further with your writing? Feeling the need for a workshop/course? Look no further than the Irish Writers' Centre. It's a bit dear but
a. they lost their arts council grant and need the dosh
b. the teachers are big hitter names
c. a bit of networking never did anyone any harm
d. it's often a deadline

19 Jan 6:30 pm John Boyne, yes he forever associated with striped pyjamas will start a class on short stories. He's a lovely man too. 10 weeks for 295 Euro.


Friday 23 Jan 10:30 am (for those of you without a 9-5 commitment) or Friday 6 Feb 6:30 pm Learn to write Poetry with Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill 10 weeks for 295 Euro.

There's other courses too on crime writing, starting, finishing and everything in between. See the Irish Writers Centre website.


BarbaraS said...

I could be tempted with Nuala Ni, but it's a beginner course, innit? I workshopped a weekend in Strokestown with her back in 98... before Strokestown became a byword for competitions... ah, God be with the days...

Leon Basin said...

Hello, fellow writer! How are you doing?