Thursday, 8 January 2009

New writing courses

Feeling flush? Feeling desparate? Feeling like you'll never get further with your writing? Feeling the need for a workshop/course? Look no further than the Irish Writers' Centre. It's a bit dear but
a. they lost their arts council grant and need the dosh
b. the teachers are big hitter names
c. a bit of networking never did anyone any harm
d. it's often a deadline

19 Jan 6:30 pm John Boyne, yes he forever associated with striped pyjamas will start a class on short stories. He's a lovely man too. 10 weeks for 295 Euro.


Friday 23 Jan 10:30 am (for those of you without a 9-5 commitment) or Friday 6 Feb 6:30 pm Learn to write Poetry with Nuala NĂ­ Dhomhnaill 10 weeks for 295 Euro.

There's other courses too on crime writing, starting, finishing and everything in between. See the Irish Writers Centre website.


BarbaraS said...

I could be tempted with Nuala Ni, but it's a beginner course, innit? I workshopped a weekend in Strokestown with her back in 98... before Strokestown became a byword for competitions... ah, God be with the days...

Leon Basin said...

Hello, fellow writer! How are you doing?