Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Arts Council Bursary Decisions

The arts council received 390 applications for this award and has offered a total of 68 awards in response, 18 of which were in the category English language literature. 29 (or it might have been 20) for visual arts, a handful for Dance, Film, Theatre, Opera, Traditional Arts, 1 for circus.

Here are the literary bursaries for round 1 2009, a mix of well known and not so well known (and unknown to me) names.

Kevin Barry, Dublin City Council, €15,000

Mary Branley, Sligo County Council, €3,200

Declan Burke, Wicklow County Council, €10,000

Monica Corish, Sligo County Council, €5,000

Danny Denton, Cork County Council, €3,200

Katie Donovan, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, €6,000

Christine Dwyer Hickey, South Dublin County Council, €15,000

Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, Wicklow County Council, €15,000

Andrew Fox, Fingal County Council, €10,000

Caroline Lynch, Galway City Council, €10,000

John Maher, Laois County Council, €10,000

Cormac McCarthy, France, €15,000 (Don't think this is the US author) Writes as Cormac James per Fin

Belinda McKeon, USA, €10,000

Helena Mulkerns, Wexford County Council, €9,000

Pete Mullineaux, Galway County Council, €3,600

Dennis O'Driscoll, Kildare County Council, €15,000

Slevin, Ailbhe, Galway City Council, €5,000

Wild, Ian, Cork County Council, €10,000

Whose name isn't there? Mine. But I did get a letter which didn't say it didn't get, if you know what I mean. It said the decision will be made after the September council meeting. I have no idea what that means. Did anyone else get a similar letter?


Anonymous said...

i noticed a yank on that list. does that mean anybody can enter? can you give more information on the program? thanks

Emerging Writer said...

It's open to Irish residents and Irish citizens. Belinda was living in Co Dublin until recently. She programs the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Poetry Now festival so she's OK in my book


This list is for the last bursary (November-ish last year). Your letter concerns your current application. Decisions in September.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks WRW. I didn't realise it took so long. Any update on your, what did they call it? 'possible grant sources'?


Well, I rang them to see what they had to say and they went through my last applic in detail with me, told me how I'd scored on each point etc. It was worth doing.
I scored 33 out of a possible 40. Folks who scored 35 got money. So at least I know I am doing the application right, iykwim. It just depends if the 3 peers who make the decision in the end, like what they see or not.
Did you see they got more applics than ever this time around??!! Narrowing our chances even further, it seems. Still, I will keep applying, as always!