Friday, 26 June 2009

Surf's up

Check out these interesting links.

An intern in a publishing house (US I think) tells it like it is.

Rants and ramblings from a (Christian) literary agent, quite polite for once.

Janet Reid, the Simon Cowell of US literary agents. Why do agents blog and then complain they get oodles of submissions anyway?

My Weekly magazine guidelines from womagwriter

Procrastination surgery with Lane

Now see your own script in motion - warning, highly addictive.

From the Yellow Room via Chicklit Sanctuary a masterclass in what an editor looks for (and doesn't look for) in a short story.

And this post is a little different from Maxicane. If you read any link, read this one.


Niamh B said...

that Maxi cane post was brilliant alright.

Be sure to post up the movie when you have finished it!

Eimear said...

Thanks - just added The Intern to my blogroll. ;)

Emerging Writer said...

Niamh, my movie is a work (opus) in progress as yet.
Eimear - yeak the Intern gives good blog all right